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Meet the Legend, Producer and DJ that is Jon Kennedy

So we managed to catch up with JK in between flights and in the dusky surrounds of an old english airport… probably the perfect setting for talking random shizzle over burnt coffee. This is what we managed to glean from our ramblings..

W&F: Why the decks? why be a dj? you coulda been James Bond or anyone??

JK: I am predominantly a producer, with 5 albums under my belt since 2001. DJing came off the back of the LP\s and releases and the need for light and easy touring of said music. I have been mistaken as an MI5 agent upon looking at last years gig list : China, Vietnam, Czech Republic, India, Palestine, Jordan, Dubai, Spain, Lebanon… HA!

W&F: Why Prague?

JK: Prague is an amazing city, untouched, preserved in time, beautiful to the eye, cheap everything (to give you perspective a beer is £1 and has not changed price for 10 years), there are pretty girls everywhere and no pie munching, trouser-wearing females. . what is not to like?

W&F: Although saying that you seem to be all over the globe at the moment how did that happen?

JK: I started to take control of my own music in a legal sense and took the bull by the horns, put myself out there and ended up travelling 1/3 of the globe as a result. My base is in Prague, of course, but I am away most weekends. I have tried to take a bit of a back-burner with regard touring of late as it has hampered my production work, a result of this back-burner is the “HA” LP which I am finally releasing after 3 years since my last LP in September of this year, check

W&F: Whats with the JK Federation?

JK: The Jon Kennedy Federation is a record label where I / we house 15 artists ranging from thrash metal to downtempo, electronic jazz to rave and bass to breakbeat, check it out here :

W&F: You’ve been a long time friend of the festival what keeps you coming back?

JK: I think I have been playing for you guys since the start. I love the idea and vibes of mixing music, skate and surf (and boxcars). I am a long time skateboarder myself and have always put my energies into the scene and especially little guys trying to make a difference (hence starting my own label and supporting unsigned acts), for example the old 411 videos contained a lot of my music, I work with Vans on some videos and many more independent skate brands and crews use and are into my music. I provide a lot of soundtracks for all the afore mentioned, check out this interview with Marc Churchill about this very subject :

W&F: What you bringing to the party this year?

JK: I am mostly the musical vibe of the festival I would say and not so much the headliner which is the way I like it, I can sway from style to style in my DJ SETS and make sure the waltzer guy’s don’t crank out viking techno for the family’s having a splendid day on the beach ruined by Scandanavian stabbing music!

W&F: We have you playing on our Extreme livestream to 3 million people this year for the UK Mini Ramp Champs, Pressure?

JK: Oooph, this is new news to me 😉

I’ll be playing my new LP over and over and over and over and ov……..HA!

W&F: What you think of the line up this year?

JK: Some pretty sick acts playing and larger than previous years! Last year I witnessed some great new bands that I have never heard and can’t wait to see the turn out for the evening sessions this time round!

W&F: So if people wanna see what your up to, how can they connect with your music?

JK: is the mothership where all links to all social platforms are branched from.

W&F: Any parting thoughts?

JK: *ponders the length of Dave’s beard* * will he have to throw it over his shoulder like a regimental soldier* *will he start a ZZ Top cover band and ask me to be the drummer*