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Matti Hemmings talks UK Flatland BMX & World Records

We managed to track down founder of the UK Flatland BMX Champs and multi World Record holder Matti Hemmings to see whats been going down. Here’s what he had to say.

W&F: I guess the obvious question would be why you choose flatland over all the other types of riding?

Matti: I chose Flatland BMX because it looked like it would be fun to master, at that point decided to grab a BMX bike and get down to it. Within the first year rode a fair bit to progress with more tricks adding to the list. Ever since i’ve not looked back!

W&F: Thats worked out pretty well for you so far eh?

Matti: Yes, it has worked out in my favour being able to ride very day and inspire all ages to get involved.

W&F: We lost count of the amount of world records you hold, whats the count now and what for?

Matti: I Currently hold 3 Guinness world Records for Cliffhanger spin, Steam Roller turbines and Death truck spin.

W&F: What inspired you to start the UK Champs? How do you see it evolving over the next few years?

Matti: I started UK Champs for few different reasons the lack of events that were taking place here in the UK and to help the element grow and inspire more generations to keep it alive in the UK. I am hoping to get a series of events up and running that would see 5 x UK Champs cross the Country.

W&F: Its rad that we are hosting a leg of the champs, what do you make of riding by the sea?

Matti: I’m stoked to be back again at Wheels and Fins due to the support and the warm welcome all the riders had the feedback was amazing from the last one by everyone involved. I’m into the outdoor life and like adventures including the surf so it’s awesome to be near the sea.

W&F: Who should be be watching out for at Wheels and Fins this year?

Matti: That’s a tuff one as all the riders will be on top form busting out to get that UK Champion title. But on the day will have more of a idea who’s pushing it.

W&F: Whats on the horizon for Matti

Matti: I’m going to be attending more international competitions and working on new projects going forward. Plus already working on events for 2018. Stay tuned…

So there you have it… amazing what you can get done in the time it takes to suck a double espresso through a straw!!