Camping Rules

This is the ideal campsite for visitors wanting to pitch up over looking the ocean in a beautiful coastal setting.

Camping is located on the cliff top at Joss Bay and is over looked by the beautiful Northforeland lighthouse. This area is ideal for those looking for a relaxed and beautiful location to stay over the weekend.

Camping has a curfew at midnight, after which time any music must be turned off, no shouting please, though conversation at your tent is fine. It is meant to make it quieter, not completely silent. Please note that rude and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated in any circumstance. If you witness disruptive or discourteous conduct in the campsite, please report to festival security of the nearest steward ASAP. Anyone caught misbehaving will be immediately escorted off the grounds and relieved of their festival wristband

If caught in the campgrounds without the proper passes, you will also be immediately escorted off the grounds and relieved of your festival wristband.

Camping access opens at 10am Friday 7th September and closes on Monday 10th at 12noon. Please report to Camping Office on arrival after parking your vehicle.

TENT Pitch specs:

1. Pitches are assigned upon arrival. If you wish to camp beside another group, you MUST arrive together (no saving spots).

2. Price is per-person (Not per site).

3. Cars will have to be parked in the festival car park, not the campsite.

*A normal-size car is defined as anything smaller than a 12-passenger van. Only lightweight passenger vehicles, including pickup trucks and SUV’s will be permitted in the festival car park.

5. Strictly enforced noise curfew at 12 Midnight every night.

CAMPER VAN Pitch Specs:

If your vehicle does not adhere to the following rules you will not be allowed access into the camper van field.

  • Your camper van must have purpose built fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities.
  • Any converted vehicles must clearly be live-in vehicles. (A van with a piece of foam cut to size for a bed and bucket for washing does not qualify.)

A team of campsite staff and security will check each vehicle’s live in facilities. Those in unsuitable vehicles (including unconverted vans) with tickets for the campervan fields will be denied entry and asked to park in the festival car parks. Security patrols will not permit sleeping in any vehicle in these car parks.

6. You will be permitted to erect a fitted awning provided it is an integral part of your camper van and fits within the pitch; Customers are only permitted to sleep in their camper van.

7. You will not be permitted to erect any tents, gazeebos or similar.

8. You shall not bring any gas cylinders into the Campervan Site, except where they are professionally installed within the camping vehicle with appropriate certification. If we find you with any petrol, generators or gas cylinders (other than as permitted within the camping vehicle) you will be ejected from the Festival. Please also see the terms and conditions on your festival tickets and the event website for more information.

9. The use of large garden type furniture such as Chimineas; Fire pits; large wood burning stoves or any other item that is deemed to pose a risk to the safety of you or other campers is not allowed at any time. We reserve the right to confiscate these items and/or refuse entry to the campervan site.

10. All vehicles and belongings must be removed from the site by midday on Monday 10 September 2018. Any items or vehicles left on the Campervan site will be removed and we reserve the right to charge any costs incurred to the customer. N.B. These terms will apply should your vehicle break down prior to the event. If so, customers will be asked to camp in the standard campsite and they will need a tent to do so. No vehicles are permitted in the standard campsite.

11. No fires are permitted..

12. Glass is not permitted in the camper van site or anywhere within the Wheels and Fins Festival.

13. Your vehicle may be searched on entry to the event site. The security staff will check for any items not permitted on site, as specified below. Security staff will confiscate any such items and may refuse entry to the site. The discretion and decision of the security team will be final.

14. N.B. Water and electric hook-ups are not available in the Camper van Site.

CAMPER VAN SIZE RESTRiCTIONS – As per a standard VW Camper, any larger vehicle must be pre-approved by emailing If you arrive with a larger vehicle without prior agreement you will NOT be allowed entry to the camping ground and will not be offered a refund.

All sales are final; no refunds, exchanges or returns. Camping and parking decals are per vehicle and non-transferrable. Any decals seen damaged are void and will not be accepted to Wheels and Fins Festival.


Where possible, we encourage visitors to use the FREE shuttle bus route that is provided between Broadstairs train station and Joss Bay, and to not drive. The bus is much quicker than driving because it can pass along the closed road, if you drive you have to go the long way round and traffic is a real issue around our narrow costal roads. In addition, it’s almost impossible to park in the Summer months and the bus removes this issue for you.

The shuttle bus will run from: 10am – 12.00 Midnight Friday 7th & Saturday 8th then 10am – 11pm Sunday 9th September.-


The campsite will have toilets, showers, stewards, security, first aid and plenty of lush green space for you to pitch up.


Don’t leave valuables in your tent. We have security, but be sensible. If you find someone else’s stuff, or if you see anything or anyone that seems suspicious don’t keep it to yourself, please tell one of our stewards or security staff straight away. We can’t accept responsibility for any losses you may experience.

Directions: Please visit the website:

Leave No Trace:

We separate and manage recyclable waste offsite. We ask you very kindly to respect our stunning location by making sure you put rubbish in the ample bins provided. Wheels and Fins Festival operates a ‘leave no trace’ policy and we will be increasing the provision of bins, as well as doing more to encourage everyone to look after the land.


  • 1.Glass including all bottles, makeup, perfume (small compact mirrors are allowed, max size 10x10cm)
  • 2.Illegal substances, psychoactive substances, nitros oxide and legal highs
  • 3.Spray paint aerosols
  • 4.Spirits (Alcohol)
  • 5.Excessive amounts of alcohol. The following may be consumed in the campsite:
  • EITHER: 12 cans beer / lager / cider per person
  • OR: 6 cans and 1 bottle of wine (decanted into a plastic bottle) per person. 
  • You may only bring this in on first entry only. Strictly no spirits or hard liquor. Please note, searches will be undertaken upon entry to ensure this is complied with. If you leave the site, upon re-admittance you may be searched again ­ any alcohol above this allocation will be confiscated. 
  • 6.Anything that could be reasonably considered for use as a weapon
  • 7.Candles, sky lanterns
  • 8.Portable or disposable barbeques/gas/paraffin lamps or any fire/gas related cooking equipment
  • 9.Portable laser equipment and pointer-pens
  • 10. Drones, quadcopters, remote controlled flying devices
  • 11. Megaphones, air horns, compressed air
  • 12. Fireworks, flares, smoke bombs, smoke machines
  • 13. Large sound systems (personal speakers must be no more than 20x10x10cm)
  • 14. Animals with the exception of guide dogs
  • 15. Generators, 
  • 16. Gas canisters or cylinders 
  • 17. Unofficial tabards or hi-vis jackets
  • 18. Campfires are not permitted