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Quiet Camping

This is the ideal campsite for visitors wanting to pitch up over looking the ocean in a beautiful coastal setting, families, younger festivalgoer’s and all of you that love your beauty sleep…. quiet camping is definitely for you!

Camping is located on Elmwood farm in Elmwood Avenue and over looks the festival site, Northforeland lighthouse and Joss Bay itself. This area is ideal for those looking for a relaxed and beautiful location to stay over the weekend and is suitable for families (Although not recommended for under 8’s). The campsite will have hot showers, toilets, stewards, security, first aid and plenty of lush green space for you to pitch up.

Camping is brand new to the festival this year and as in all aspects of the festival we are looking to provide the best possible experience, hence the introduction of quiet camping.

Please make sure you read details on pitch specifications and site rules before booking.

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Why Quiet Camping?

We have worked extremely hard over the past few years to work alongside local residents and are committed to ensuring that Wheels and Fins positively contributes to the community. Quiet camping ensures that local residents are not affected after our licensable curfews and it is our promise to keep their best interests aligned with our own. Quiet camping has a curfew at midnight, after which time any music must be turned off, no shouting please, though conversation at your tent is fine. It is meant to make it quieter, not completely silent. Please note that rude and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated in any circumstance.  If you witness disruptive or discourteous conduct in the campsite, please report to festival security of the nearest steward ASAP.  Anyone caught misbehaving will be immediately escorted off the grounds and relieved of their festival wristband.

If caught in the campgrounds without the proper passes, you will also be immediately escorted off the grounds and relieved of your festival wristband.

Campsite access & Travel

Campsite Access:
Open from 10am Friday 8th September
Closes at 12noon Monday 11th.

Please report to Camping Office on arrival after parking your vehicle. All sales are final; no refunds, exchanges or returns. Camping and parking decals are per vehicle and non-transferable. Any decals seen damaged are void and will not be accepted to Wheels and Fins Festival.

Free shuttle bus:
Friday 8th 10am – 12 Midnight
Saturday 9th 10am – 11pm
Sunday 10th 10am – 11pm.

Where possible, we encourage visitors to use the FREE shuttle bus route that is provided between Broadstairs train station and Joss Bay, and to not drive. The bus is much quicker than driving because it can pass along the closed road, if you drive you have to go the long way round and traffic is a real issue around our narrow coastal roads. In addition, it’s almost impossible to park in the Summer months and the bus removes this issue for you.

Elmwood Farm is situated close to Joss Bay on the Kent Coast near Broadstairs. See Map.

Help us look after you

Don’t leave valuables in your tent. We have security, but be sensible. If you find someone else’s stuff, or if you see anything or anyone that seems suspicious don’t keep it to yourself, please tell one of our stewards or security staff straight away. We can’t accept responsibility for any losses you may experience.

We separate and manage recyclable waste offsite. We ask you very kindly to respect our stunning location by making sure you put rubbish in the ample bins provided. Wheels and Fins Festival operates a ‘leave no trace’ policy and we will be increasing the provision of bins, as well as doing more to encourage everyone to look after the land.

Alternative accommodation available with our partners Beeches holiday lets